Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank you Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand Brewing is a brewery in Longmont, Colorado that just celebrated its 20th year in operation. It's also one of two new places of employment for me - which makes me real happy? Why? I've been slowing warming up to the craft beer industry for about five years now. Now that I'm bartending in the tasting room at Left Hand, my education just got put on the fast track toward Cicerone Certification and inside knowledge on what it really takes to produce, distribute and sell craft beer in America. Needless to say - I'm super stoked on this opportunity. Furthermore - I could not have asked for a better company to work for. The owners/founders are still part of the day to day operations, they've been on a steady, smart growth pattern over those twenty years - and the beer is absolutely incredible. So much so, they took home three gold medals at last year's Great American Beer Festival. No small feat - especially for a brewery of their size. Left Hand produced just over 63,000 barrels of beer in 2013, and is targeting somewhere around 90,000 for 2014. What else can I tell you - "we" now offer our famous "nitro in a bottle" technology for two other beers besides the Milk Stout. Our "Wake Up Dead" Imperial Stout is now being sold in nitrogenated 12 oz bottles, as is our Sawtooth ESB. Though these bottles are currently only available in Colorado - look for them to slowly be introduced across the United States into the 27 states where our other beers are currently being distributed. Thank you Ben, Cinzia, Morgan and the rest of the Left Hand that are helping make my dreams a reality. So much to look forward to!

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