Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winning a trip to Mustang Powder Snowcats!

I'm officially blogging about Cat Skiing Mustang Powder in hopes of winning a contest they're having. Shameless? Hell no... for anyone that has ever been cat-skiing or boarding - you know there is little else comparable to a skiing and snowboarding experience, other than taking a heli or airplane of course. I've been lucky enough to experience cat-boarding a few times at Mt. Bailey Snowcats - but that was many moons ago when I knew someone and had good cause to barter services with them. Cat-skiing and heli-skiing are, for the most part, a rich man's endeavor. Since I am not rich, but I have spent the better part of sixteen years trying to rearrange my schedule for the choicest powder days, I feel like I am a deserving and grateful candidate to take ownership of this contest and win it! Not only will I be a gracious guest at Mustang Powder, but I will bring along some of my HD camera gear and document and blog my experience to share (and brag) to all my friends and readers of my client's blog at

Sound good? Yep. Sign me up! Take Keeney to Mustang Powder, then I'll have a little contest of my own to see which lucky bastard gets to tag along. Haha!