Thursday, August 05, 2010


Countdown to Rush - Live! Rush is one of those rare bands whose fans are as loyal as they come. I am one of them. As long as I've been listening to their records (since Jr. High) it wasn't until 1985 that I actually got to see them live in the flesh - The Power Windows tour in Portland. I was absolutely mesmerized by their flawless reproductions of so many of the songs I'd grown to love. Expert musicianship on display, song after song, stirring up that magical feeling in your gut that only special music such as this can evoke. Since then, I've managed to see just about every tour they've put on - even tours supporting some of their more mediocre, latter-career albums. Even so, they've never disappointed in a live setting and always play an pleasing mix of old stuff as well as new. So fast forward... "a quantum leap forward, in time and in space" - one week from this Monday, a bunch of the old gang are rolling into Boulder and Denver, to descend upon Red Rocks (to be my first concert there) for an evening with Rush on their "Time Machine" tour. Not only are they playing a couple of new, yet-to-be heard tracks - the highlight of this show will be the first time ever performance of the entire "Moving Pictures" album, start to finish. A treat to behold. We'll see if I'm able to snap a few live pics and maybe even a little video. Yay.