Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diving Back into Graphic Design with a Half Gainer

After changing careers with a new degree in Television and Video technologies several years ago, my former skills as a Graphic Designer went largely unused as Video and TV gigs kept presenting themselves in recent years. I still had to hold down the occasional gig as a magazine or advertising designer to keep the bills paid - but day to day designing from scratch was a skill I was getting burnt out on and I was glad to put to rest for a while.

In today's economy, I've learned these skills have never been so important as I'm having to ply my craft in every skill-set I have in order to compete in the extremely crowded and talented creative pool of Portland, Oregon. I picked up a gig design logos, and identity and t-shirts for an up and coming recycled materials clothing and accessories company marketing itself to the 20-30 somethings who care about the environment and might have an inclination to surf/skate/snowboard/climb/frisbee golf, etc.

So here I sit, Day Three, Hour Fifty-Three, cranking out idea, after idea, after idea. It's funny - just when I think I'm tapped out and drawing a blank, it always seems something else gurgles to the top. And the farther along I get, the more confident I get and the quicker and deeper my Illustrator and Photoshop skills seem to be coming back to me.

Hallelejuah! Bring-it Portland design community - I'm ready.