Thursday, June 16, 2016

Colorado Wildflowers

Western Wallflower; erysimum capitatum Rydberg's Penstemon; Penstemon rydbergii

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2015 was the year of the donut. So what's up in 2016?

It was a crazy run with the Donut Lodge. Not sure what I was thinking - but I gave 'er a whirl! Ultimately - those baker's hours were just too much for this old man and his little family. Enter 2016: I've come out swinging - back in the film and video production business with a fantastic new jobbie at a little company in Westminster called Frictionless World, LLC. I'm producing all of our video content for the manufacture and distribution of power tools, and also lending my hand at a little web design. Needless to say - I'm super f-ing stoked. I'll post some diddys here once they're live to the public. In the meantime - I'll leave you with this "behind the scenes" from yesterday's shoot - with a cameo of my "poorman's dolly". Special thanks to Chris Zanger for gifting me that lunch tray 20-some years ago during the glory days of Bend, Oregon. Yee haw!