Saturday, January 01, 2005


A little glimpse into a fine New Year's Eve spent in Ashland, Oregon. Thanks to Pounder for the hospitality. Watch out for those illegal lasers this year! All kinds of trouble.


Friday, December 31, 2004


New Year's Eve is upon us. Just wrapped shooting two games for John Paget's basketball documentary in K-Falls and tonight at SOC in Ashland. Also spent my first day ever snowboarding at Mt. Ashland. Over a foot of fresh from the last few days was there for the taking - although - there were many takers on this New Year's Eve day. Shot some for the upcoming Snomad Television series, but the icy-goggle-crust conditions made it next to impossible to bag much good footage - a great day nonetheless.

Tonight Pounder and I ring in the New Year at a little pub in downtown Ashland called the Black Sheep - then in the morning I'll finish the journey to the motherland with a brief visit to the Zig's in Eugene - then onward to Salem.

Hoodoo will be the first target. (Merth - getchyer board waxed, goggles de-iced and legs in order - it's gonna be a productive winter).

Farewell 2004! You were very good to me. Welcome 2005! - I'm betting it will be the best year yet - despite another inauguration of the worst president in U.S. history. Perhaps it will take another 4-years of his buffoonery to shed a little more light on his shortcomings so that the rest of the U.S. (that would be you folks in the red states) figure it out.