Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mountain of editing.

Gotta be honest... I don't love video-editing. The entire reason I went back to school and learned a new trade was to get off my "chained to the desk" graphic-designer-ass and get out there in the world. It worked - for the most part - (cue montage of production photos from New Zealand TV shoot). However - my path didn't exactly lead to a career as a globe-trotting television camera man - well -  it kinda did, for a couple years. Eventually, I honed my craft as a producer and editor, in addition to my shooting background. So here I am - shackled to the desk again. The upside - I now have a family and a "life" - so 50% of my work doesn't have to be squeezed-with-a-shoehorn into the few business-hour shooting times I'm afforded. I can do most all of my post-production in the wee hours and odd times as I find them. The other 50% still allows me to get out and be in the world - no computers. Can't complain. Currently in the studio: Final edits on the Boulder Beer Company "About Us" web video, final edits on the Zinn Cycles "About Us" web video, three episodes of Beer City Television (Rancho Tastings, Boundary Bay Brewing and Tommyknocker) and a logo/identity project for "Don't Frack My Sixpack" (a campaign being promoted by Colorado brewers drawing attention to the careless proliferation of the practice of "fracking" the earth to extract natural gas deposits). Busy. Tired. Stoked.