Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer - It's always like that.

My friend Jeffie and I used to chat about how Summer always seems to go by so fast, and you really need to pack in the adventuring to not feel cheated. This means being extremely proactive and fillin' up the spaces on that calendar. Summer 2009? Quickly becoming no different as things progress nicely in the life that is ETK. Add to it a slew of new video and film projects and things really start to get interesting. I felt like I needed to make a list here as some kind of mental purge and visual organization. Here the short list:

1. Final edits and trial with Smith Freed.
2. "The Last Orderly" 3:00 film contest with Jesse Blanchard.
3. First video projects for Wend Magazine.
4. Moving into Tuckridge Lodge above Bull Run river.
5. Man's Weekend mountain-biking Oakridge/Westfir.
6. Femi Kuti at the Zoo.
7. Three Fingered Jack snowboard retreat #29.
8. Village Idiot reunion show.
9. Ween in Bend.
10. Mt. Bike race at Diamond Lake.

Don't get me started on the "currently under construction" empty spaces on the calendar... -ETK