Monday, August 25, 2008

Unicorn Slays the Ash Street...

Or did the Ash Street slay us? Hmmm... well, now I know why it's called the Ash Street Saloon. Smokers. Lots of 'em. God help us - 2009 couldn't come quick enough to rid the clubs and public places of the smokey smokers. Blech! That's right... the LAW goes into effect - and not soon enough. Anywho... that's my anti-smoking rant. Thanks for reading. Aside from that... it felt damn good to play out live again. My Unicorn comrades are the best... and so are my fine brothers and sisters that traveled great distances across the Oregon countryside to support yours truly. I love you fuckers. Jeff-n-Pips-n-Jay-n-Erin-n-Jess-n-Johnny-n-Cliff-n-such.... until next time!!!
Mighty Unicorn, August 23, 2008