Saturday, March 19, 2005


Dear Friends! Finally got another post up here. Been lazy and busy I guess. Due to the recent bout of early spring - the Snomad bandwagon came to a screeching halt. We did get in some good shooting at Meadows and Bachelor - of the spring skiing variety. But many resorts closed - again! Then just when you thought it was over - blammo! Mother nature is finally giving it to us like she should have been all winter. Well... a taster anyways. Might be time to go search out some face shots on Monday. Hoodoo may be closed for the winter - but there is no easier place to hike and get some.

Beyond the world of snow and such. I just discovered the joys of - "rants & raves" section. Where have I been? Oh my goodness. In the spirit of Pounder's sarcastic, biting commentary - there are posts on there that literally had me laughing until my stomach hurt. Laughing has got to be one of the best things for the spirit and soul. I highly recommend visiting your nearest craigslist site and locating the rants and raves section under personals. There are some particularly funny bastards in Portland. I also found this link which made me laugh pretty hard too. hilarious