Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Thank you Boulder. Thank you Denver. Thank you Colorado. Staying biz to the hizzy - or is that hiz to the bizzy? (Not sure on that, have to consult my "Snoop Dogg's Guide to Modern Vernacular"). In any event, just finished an editing session for Serac Films here in Boulder - first draft is off to their client. So stoked on this project and opportunity - they make some amazing, wonderful and gorgeous films. Big thanks to Stacy, Dr. Shralp, Rob and Michael. Other clients keeping the gears turning: PhoCusWright, Wheels Manufacturing, Adam's Polishes, Rich's Tennis School, Skydance Skydiving, Linda Allen and a slew of new irons in the fire too, which I can't mention yet as not to jinx them. I love it when a plan comes together. Thank you to all my new clients, previous clients and future ones. You're helping get this show on the road, set up our new home and provide for the forthcoming little baby Rowan! I feel blessed.