Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I get in trade by moving from Portland to Boulder.

1. Giving up shared space with Portland's bushy-haired, skinny-jeaned, tattoo-sleeved hipsters who reek of cigarettes. In exchange: Legions of "kind brothers" in tattered jeans, dredded hair and puppies on strings, who reek of skunky herb.

2. Giving up the moldy, mildewy wetness for the dry, hot, potentially dusty, life near the high plains. Luckily, Boulder is just far enough from the plains, nestled up next to the mountains. A bubble of goodness.

3. Giving up the proximity to majestic Mt. Hood and her frequent dumps of snow, however wet and heavy they may be. Gaining access to over a dozen ski resorts in the most vast mountain range in the lower 48. I'll likely be signing up for one of these bad boys. Pretty cool. And yes - the mountains are high. The snow is fluffy. Goodbye worries of another El Nino... and a potentially tragic global-warming reality for low elevation, coastal ski resorts.

4. Giving up nearness to friends and family. Gaining nearness to friends and family. :)

5. Giving up the comfort and calmness of my home state. Gaining the excitement and exploration of yet another new state.

An incredible adventure is unfolding - so excited!