Thursday, February 03, 2005


Holy Nino Batman! Where did our Winter go? Should we blame yet another El Nino system on the French? Damn straight - those sneaky bastards. Why do you think the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace ship was so adamant on exposing those French f****? Because they were secretly testing nuclear weapons underwater in French Polynesia - wiping out miles and miles of valuable coral reefs. Many people theorize that the sheer numbers of these "tests" have had a direct effect on sea surface temperatures that are measured along this same current where El Nino systems are born. Additionally - for those who didn't know - back in 1985 Greenpeace figured it out and were about to launch the Rainbow Warrior from it's port in Auckland, NZ and expose the greasy bastards and their careless testing. The night before, two French secret-service types went scuba style in the harbor and planted a bomb on the ship - which later exploded and killed several activists. Greenpeace. Turns out, a local NZ cop figured it out and made the arrests - only to have the French Government bail them out - and set them free. Pretty fucked up. Needless to say - Kiwis don't hold much regard for the French... and I am beginning to wonder myself. Don't even get me started about the smarmy group of Frenchies we ran into on the gondola in Saas Fee - foofy French f****!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dudes on the road.

A fine pic J.J. Merrrr snapped of us rolling thru the Idaho farm land.