Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sea World Sucks.

F@$% all the Seaworlds. Set the Orca free. I am sad for the trainer and her family, my heart goes out to them. But can you really blame poor Tilikum the Orca? He is bored and very unhappy being put on display like a circus sideshow, criminal or some fascinating fossil. No respect for these animals at all. The blame lie squarely on the shoulders of the shareholders and owners of Seaworld. Shame on you.

I urge you to NEVER, EVER visit a Seaworld and support such ugliness.

An industry of shame.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A dream cometh true.

What dream may you ask? My dream of living in or near the real mountains - The Rockies. Don't get me wrong, spending time in volcanoland has been incredible, gorgeous and there are few places as fun as Mt. Bachelor for snowboarding. But I've always dreamed about Colorado. So, I'm taking my family and moving to the Rocky Mountain state - Boulder to be exact. The next great chapter in the life that is Keeney, this one promising to be the greatest tale yet. It's already unfolding as I'm now dividing my time between Sandy and Boulder now that projects dictate. I'll have all six of us (Kelly, Sulli, Kuma, Telli and Moses the Cat) under one roof again by the end of March.

Things to look forward to in 2010: A new baby - the littlest Keeney. A return trip to Monarch Pass. Some exploring around the four corners area and the national parks. Moab. Friendly bike-commuting. Local mountain-biking. New film and video projects. Living at 5400'. Time in Ned and at Eldora.

Stay tuned...